Experience Matters

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There are many sources that can teach you the basics of DIR/Floortime. You can read books, like Dr. Tippy’s  book with Dr. Greenspan, Respecting Autism, you can go to one of the many of thousands of Floortimers privately to get your information, or you can go to an organization that promotes their version of Floortime, like my friends at the Interdisciplinary Council for Development and Learning. They can give you basic information. But if you want to help your child now, with the best informed, best targeted support to help them, you will want to go to someone with demonstrated success and with the most experience you can find.

Dr. Tippy has been the clinical mind that started and supervised the clinical work and training in two schools for individuals with developmental challenges of relating and communicating: The Rebecca School in Manhattan, and The Shrub Oak International School in Westchester County, New York. He has treated and supervised the clinical program for thousands of persons with developmental challenges. He has evaluated and diagnosed thousands of individuals, and has consulted to schools and clinics all over the world. His practice includes consulting with clinicians worldwide on their most difficult cases. He also works directly with families to take their basic understanding of Floortime, and turn it into an immediately applicable program for their loved one right now. Basic practitioners with little practical experience are everywhere, but it takes clinical experience and expertise to make an effective, joyful Floortime program available to families in real time.


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