Public Benefit


Gil is the Director of Dirty Hands Developmental Alliance (DHDA), a Public Benefit Corporation that he formed in 2020. Its mission is:

“The mission of the Dirty Hands Developmental Alliance is to create an appropriate developmental space to help members of the ASD community bring their full value to society. On small, family-owned organic farms, in economically challenged communities, while providing nutritious foods in food deserts, with the support of at risk teens and young adults, Dirty Hands will foster appropriate developmental growth, while supporting each individual as they explore their thoughts, feelings, interests and desires, at their own pace.”

We provide continued support, clinical and developmental, to adults with developmental challenges often associated with ASD so that they can continue their developmental growth as they move to increased freedom, competitive employment or higher education.

We support local, family-owned organic farms, and bring young adults into non-toxic work training environments.

Additionally, DHDA supports persons with ASD when they have to try to negotiate the complex, confusing and frustrating biological healthcare system. This support and guidance is provided free-of-charge.


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