Dr. Tippy consults to schools and programs across the United States, and internationally.

Here is an example of Dr. Tippy responding to questions during one of his school consultations. It is part of a three-hour question and answer he did with the entire school staff. He is answering a question from a teacher about how to teach in a classroom where the students are working at diverse Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities. His answer is based on the work he has seen at the school during the previous three days of consultation, and observation, as well as his many years of experience in DIR Model in schools.

Turn on the Closed Captions by clicking the cc on the bottom of the video. It will help if you don’t hear things clearly, as this was recorded in a school, with music lessons going on in a nearby room!

Below is a quick video of a Case Conference Dr. Tippy ran at a school via a net meeting. It is included to show how cost effective and easy it is to get a direct consult for your clinic, group, school or professional organization. Dr. Tippy has done this hundreds of times for consults, case conferences, trainings and parent groups.

Here is a video of Dr. Tippy providing real time supervision to a clinician on a case that has practical urgency. Dr. Tippy creates an intervention that will address the child’s complex sensory system, while also addressing the child’s challenges in speech.

This is a video of a supervision where Gil speaks to a clinician about the work she is doing with a child who has learned that the way for him to survive is to valiantly resist the previous interventions to which he was subjected.



Gil has consulted to Toronto, Canada’s Oakwood Academy from its beginnings as a DIR/Floortime school, to today, when it is the premier DIR/Floortime school in Ontario.


Gil was a Founder, and the first Clinical Director of Shrub Oak International School. He is now the Clinical Director Emeritus of the school.


Gil was a founding member of the Rebecca School in NYC, and created programs, supervised and trained staff, and served as the Clinical Director and did all of the Intake Evaluations and assessments from the opening in 2006 through his departure, to open Shrub Oak International School, in 2017.


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