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Dr. Tippy’s main office is in Garden City, New York. He has a second office, in Santa Rosa, California. He sees children, adults and families. While he uses the DIR/Floortime model when seeing clients on the Autism Spectrum, he also sees neurotypical children and adults in his office.

Services include:

Evaluations: Dr. Tippy does evaluations in office, in homes, and via video conferencing. Because of international demand, Dr. Tippy has been doing video evaluations and support for the last seven years, long before the current conditions demanded it. He has long experience in distributed environments, and gets results where others have difficulties.

DIR/Floortime Treatment for Neurodevelopmental Disorders of Relating and Communicating: Gil is one of the leaders in the world of developmental support for individuals with neurodevelopmental challenges. Over his career, he has done evaluations, and created and supervised the entire educational and clinical program for thousands of individuals, across many countries. He was supervised by Stanley Greenspan, MD, the creator of the DIR/Floortime model, and is the co-author, with Dr. Greenspan, of Respecting Autism.

Trans-Disciplinary Evaluations: Because he is a Doctoral Level Clinical Psychologist, has created and supervised large clinical departments, and because of his years of experience, Dr. Tippy has a unique set of qualifications. He can create trans-disciplinary evaluations, referral and support, including OT, SLP, Psychology, PT, and Interactive, Improvisational Music Therapy.

Coordinating Home Programs: Dr. Tippy has expertise in the creation and the supervision of trans-disiplinary programs for individuals from early intervention to post-secondary support. Dr. Tippy will evaluate, create the program which meets the criteria for an appropriate education, find the individuals qualified to administer the program, and supervise them to assure the highest fidelity to the goals and development of the individual. Dr. Tippy will work with the individual’s school district to help the district provide a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE) as required under Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Family Support: Dr. Tippy will support the family in their interaction with their child and with their support community in a way which will help to make the program developed for their child more effective.

Continued Day Support: Dr. Tippy had recently moved his public benefit corporation, Dirty Hands Developmental Alliance, to the East Coast. This ground-breaking program serves post-secondary adults with neurodevelopmental disorders of relating and communicating, funded by grants, the public benefit corporation and the individuals self-directed funds. DHDA will be running very soon, on Long Island, NY, and will begin taking applications soon.

516-922-4097 or 707-237-2738

Gil’s Public Benefit Corporation


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